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  • Estate Planning (Living Trust; Will; Durable Powers of Attorney) : Attorney Coleman created living trusts, wills and durable powers of attorney for me and for several of my family members. Her office got the final documents done quickly, and she explained everything to us thoroughly and patiently. We found her to be unfailingly helpful and professional, and highly recommend her. She is now my family attorney.
    Megan Standard
  • Guardianship : Delonda is truly committed to her clients. Ms. Coleman has been handling a guardianship issue for my wife and me. One day we had an urgent issue arise and we needed some urgent legal advice. I emailed Delonda. She responded within minutes. Please keep in mind this was on a Saturday late afternoon.
  • Estate Planning (Living Trust; Durable Powers of Attorney) and Real Estate : I met Attorney Coleman at a Financial Seminar at my church a few years ago. For sometime before that I knew I needed to get my “house in order”. Attorney Coleman’s professionalism and warm manner made it easy for me to approach her about my financial situation. Since then I have used her services to complete my Living Trust and Durable Powers of Attorney. In addition, last year during the height of the economic crisis, I needed to make some major financial decisions and wanted to make sure I understood the legal ramifications and options I had. Sitting down with Attorney Coleman helped me to make the best decision. Her open and honest discussions about the law and my potential personal liability were what helped me make the right Real Estate decisions for my future. I refer relatives and friends to Attorney Coleman all the time. It is always better to seek counsel before you make a decision so that you can understand how you can be impacted in the future.
  • Tax Representation : My past income tax records were in shambles and I didn’t know where to begin to get them back on track. All the time that I was trying to come up with a solution, the IRS was continuing to charge me penalties and interest, and the problem was just spinning out of control. That is when I decided to consult with and retain Attorney DeLonda Coleman. On the first visit, Ms. Coleman and I sat down in her office and laid everything out, and discussed what could be done. It was her decision to write a letter to the IRS to request that they waive the penalties and interest that had accrued; even though it was a mishap on my part. At the same time, Ms. Coleman worked on bringing my current income taxes up to par in order to keep them from accruing penalties and interest. In a few weeks, I received a letter from the IRS where they agreed to waive all penalties and interest. All I had to do was pay for the amount of taxes due. Since working with Ms. Coleman, I now have a clean slate with the IRS, and am able to prepare my taxes without any difficulties. I have even referred others to her in hopes that they too can get out of similar bad situations that Ms. Coleman helped get me out of.
    Lynne B.
  • Estate Planning (Will and Durable Powers of Attorney) : During your last days, the least thing one needs to worry about is their business affairs. Knowing my business affairs are in order has giving me peace of mind. Thank You DeLonda Coleman!
    Yolanda T.
  • IRS Matter : My husband and I have been seeking the services of DeLonda K. Coleman for a few years now. We have since recommended her to several of our colleagues, family, and friends for various services for matters such as: IRS matters, Living Trusts, Wills, and Bankruptcies to name a few. We have always been impressed with DeLonda’s knowledge on various matters, her promptness, professionalism, and her courteous nature. We were very lucky and fortunate to have found someone so dependable that we can rely on for difficult matters; her legal expertise has been immeasurable! Thank you!
    Erika & Angel C.
  • Bankruptcy : Throughout the process of my husband and me filing for bankruptcy, DeLonda and staff were professional and extremely thorough. DeLonda answered all of our questions and put our hearts at ease during a very difficult time. I would recommend her services because she is not only efficient, but she truly cares about her clients\' well-being.
    D. Dyer
  • IRS Offer in Compromise : After receiving notification from my employer that the IRS was going to garnish my wages, I immediately contacted DeLonda Coleman. Upon meeting with Ms. Coleman, she was able to prove to the IRS that such a garnishment would cause me an undue financial hardship. Consequently, solely based on Ms. Coleman’s knowledge and actions, the IRS garnishment was terminated one day before the garnishment was to take place. In addition to stopping the garnishment, Ms. Coleman was also successful in assisting me in getting my IRS Offer in Compromise approved; which resulted in my tax liability being reduced by approximately $15,000. In all honesty, I do not know how I would have made it without Ms. Coleman’s services. I appreciate her more than I could ever say
  • Bankruptcy & Tax Preparation : I came to the Law Offices of DeLonda K Coleman on a referral from over a year ago and I have been a satisfied customer ever since. Ms. Coleman handled my Bankruptcy case with the utmost professionalism and really helped to ease an otherwise stressful process. Quite naturally, I was eager to bring more of my service needs to her firm. Ms. Coleman has prepared my taxes for the last two tax years and in doing so has taken away the anxiety of tax season. I have been very lucky to find an attorney that is personable, confident, and knowledgeable and does her job with integrity. I am thankful to have found her firm.
    Catrina B
  • Family Law (Child Custody) : I retained DeLonda Coleman as my attorney a few years back. I was referred to her by a good friend. I found myself in a life situation that I could never have prepared myself for. I was scared, worried, and unaware what the outcome was going to be. I knew that whatever the end results were going be, it was going to have a HUGE impact on my life and the future of my three children. God truly blessed me by bringing DeLonda Coleman into my family’s life. She was a great attorney, but an even better friend and mentor. She truly made me feel that she treated my case as if it were her own children. Till this day, we send her seasonal greeting cards with our family photos. I am writing this testimonial because I am honored to say that DeLonda Coleman is my attorney, but most importantly will always be a friend. Thank you for all you have done for my family DeLonda! You are a first class attorney, but most importantly a first class person.
    Jose G
  • Bankruptcy : Choosing DeLonda K. Coleman as my bankruptcy lawyer was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. What I thought would be a long, confusing, stressful process, to my surprise was actually quick and simple. Attorney Coleman is professional, honest, informative, and sincere. She was able to answer all of my questions and concerns, which made me feel confident in filing by bankruptcy petition. Working with Attorney Coleman was like working with family. I will definitely be going back to her for any of my future legal needs.
    Y. Daniels
  • Estate Planning (Will and Durable Powers of Attorney) : I appreciate Attorney Coleman’s honesty, professionalism and her ability to keep my legal needs separate from our long time friendship. Attorney Coleman also showed me a great business attitude that I will carry into my own business. I thank Attorney Coleman for being such an awesome friend as well as an awesome attorney.
    Jacqueline A
  • Family Law (Child Custody and Child Support) : I found Ms. Coleman to be very professional and courteous. She has a very calming demeanor that is very helpful when you are in the midst of turmoil. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her being by my side every step of the way. Even when things looked the darkest she had a way of reassuring me that it would work out just fine and it did! I would recommend Ms. Coleman and her staff to anyone in need of quality Family Law representation.
    V. Williams
  • Revocable Trust and Tax Preparation : I would like to personally thank the Law Offices of DeLonda K. Coleman for the excellent services they provided for my family and me. I needed assistance with preparing a Living Trust for myself, as well as for my Mother. Attorney Coleman was very professional in preparing all of our estate planning documents. I was also in need of assistance of having my 2010 income taxes prepared. Again, I called on the Law Offices of DeLonda K. Coleman and my taxes were prepared in a timely and professional manner. For those in need of legal representation, I strongly recommend the Law Offices of DeLonda K. Coleman.
    J. Payne
  • Family Law (Child Custody and Child Support) : Attorney Coleman was recommended to me by a co-worker for a child custody case. I appreciated Attorney Coleman’s professionalism throughout my case in both appearance and demeanor. My phone calls and concerns were always addressed promptly. In preparing and presenting my case, Attorney Coleman was very familiar with the ins and outs of the court process and system and this assisted greatly in getting my legal manner resolved quickly and effortlessly. Most commendable about Attorney Coleman was not only her ability to address my needs and resolve my case as amicably as possible but also her sincerity in accomplishing what was best regarding the needs of my child. Attorney Coleman’s fairness assisted me in overcoming and putting aside my frustration and anger and resolving my case with my child’s best interests at heart. I have no price I can put on my gratitude for all she has helped me through.
  • Real Estate : Attorney DeLonda Coleman is very easy to work with and understand. She took the time to explain the legal process related to my issue. She also encouraged me to take notes and allowed me to ask as many questions as needed. Attorney Coleman’s approach in explaining the legal, tax and mortgage theories related to my case was exceptional. I always left her office having a “full understanding” of what was to happen next and the steps necessary to complete my legal matter. Attorney Coleman operates a professional and well-informed office. Both Attorney Coleman and her staff are always pleasant and easy to work with; even under the worst circumstances. By successfully guiding me and my family every step of the way, Attorney Coleman made me and my family’s legal process stress-free. Attorney Coleman definitely saved our family a lot of hardship; both financially and emotionally. Thank you Attorney Coleman for being there for us when we needed you the most.
    Tina S.
  • Real Estate, Estate Planning, and Tax Preparation : I am one of Ms. Coleman’s many satisfied clients. Ms. Coleman has represented me in various business and legal matters including real estate, estate planning, and tax preparation. Ms. Coleman is a valued attorney and I have the greatest respect for her. She is a Top Notch Legal Representative and I do not think you can find anyone better!
    L. Montgomery
  • Tax Preparation and Estate Planning : DeLonda K. Coleman is both a remarkable woman and a remarkable lawyer. I have had the opportunity to use her services on different occasions. She is my lifelong Tax Preparer. She is straight forward with everything that she does. She goes by the book and since I have been dealing with her, I have had no more problems. DeLonda is not only my lawyer, but she is a long time friend. DeLonda has helped me and members of my family with our estate planning needs. She prepared our Living Trusts, Wills, and Durable Powers of Attorney. The day is definitely going to come when those documents will need to be put into place, and DeLonda has been such a big help in preparing us for that day. In my eyes there is nothing she cannot handle or take care of. There are not too many people or lawyers like DeLonda Coleman. I trust her with my all and all.
    Dennis M.
  • Probate (Succession to Real Property) : Ms. Coleman, we would like to thank you for the services that you provided for our father’s estate property. You guided us through this with your expert knowledge. The efficiently and ease of your work with county requirements, departments and courts made this process much less difficult. When we were behind on getting documentation to your office, I appreciated the considerate reminders about the need to get information to the courts. Your professionalism showed itself throughout our interactions. If we are in the need of legal or real estate services in the future, we will be sure to contact your office.
    J. Monkman & Family
  • Family Law (Child Custody and Child Support): : The Law Offices of DeLonda K. Coleman was there for me in my time of need. I had exhausted all other resources and Ms. Coleman came highly recommended. Ms. Coleman welcomed me with the friendliness, sincerity and reassurance that I needed as a single father. Her mediation skills brought my ex-spouse and I together so that we were able to workout a realistic parenting agreement that allowed for equal parenting time of our daughter. Ms. Coleman helped me to navigate the infinitely complex court system and set realistic expectations. I was so impressed with not only Ms. Coleman, but her staff as well that I retained Ms. Coleman to prepare my revocable trust, will, nomination of guardianship, durable powers of attorney. \"Excellence in all that I do\" is her motto and I have taken that with me.
    K. Olden
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