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Child Custody

Child Custody and Visitation

The best interests of the child dictate all decisions related to child custody and visitation. The Law Offices of DeLonda K. Coleman represents clients in complicated and contentious child custody and visitation cases.

Child Custody

Legal custody refers to the ability to make decisions concerning the health, education and welfare of a minor child. In California, it is possible for both parents to share decision-making responsibility for a child, even if the child lives more of the time with one parent.

Physical custody refers to the actual living arrangement of a child. “Sole physical custody” means that a child resides with and is under the supervision of one parent, subject to visitation by the other parent. “Joint physical custody” means that each of the parents have significant periods of physical custody.

Child Custody Mediation

Whether you are seeking sole custody, legal custody, or joint custody, at the Law Offices of DeLonda K. Coleman, our attorney will represent your rights and your children’s best interests. In many cases, the parties will be required to try mediation before entering a courtroom to resolve the custody and visitation issues.

Child Custody Litigation

If parents cannot agree on child custody, it may have to be decided in court. Once a judge takes control of your case, you and your spouse lose all authority over the decisions that will be made. The judge, a neutral third party, who may not be that familiar with your particular situation, will decide important issues related to time spent with your child.

Mediation and negotiation are only as effective as the other party’s willingness to work with you. There are times when litigation is the only option. In those cases, our attorney will aggressively represent you and protect your right to spend time with your child and make key decisions in his or her life.

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